What HB 40 do?

  1. Repeals the "trigger" language in the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975.
    Abortion will remain safe and legal no matter what happens in the U.S. Supreme Court.
  2. Removes the restrictions in state law on Medicaid coverage for abortion
    Allows Medicaid to cover abortion like other health care.
  3. Removes the restrictions in state law on State Employee Health Insurance
    Allows state employees to negotiate for inclusion of abortion coverage in their health insurance plans.


What is the Trigger Language?

  • The Illinois Abortion Law of 1975 states that if Roe v. Wade were overturned, Illinois would revert back to the Pre-Roe law which criminalized abortion.  
  • We cannot take that risk.  We must ensure that abortion remains safe and legal in Illinois


Medicaid Coverage

  • Medicaid has restricted the use of federal funds for abortion coverage to cases of life endangerment, rape or incest under the Henry Hyde Amendment.  Under this policy, health care providers are often deterred from taking Medicaid as a form of payment, because of the confusing web of exceptions and restrictions that apply.
  • The Hyde Amendment is a discriminatory policy.  Health programs for women with low incomes should cover birth control, childbirth AND abortion care.  All women, regardless of income should have the same right to decide if and when to have children.


State Employee Health Insurance

  • Under current policy, state employees and their dependents are often denied coverage for reproductive health care that is commonly available to those who get their insurance in the private sector, including denials of coverage for medically necessary abortions or those required because of legal fetal anomalies.